True friends are hard to find.

They stick closer than family, and yes, often know us better. They pray bigger things for us than we pray for ourselves.  They believe with us when our faith is weak. They make space for us when life falls apart, and yes, they rejoice with us when all is well.

Most importantly, true friends remind us in every encounter who and what is most important.

We had a beautiful birthday celebration last night for our beautiful Cortney.  It was under the Grand Ole at Monet Monet – the vibrant colors and joyous atmosphere was a wonderful invite for the celebration.  I adore this picture and the faces of excitement as the cake was being cut.

When dinner was over, we all went to the back garden and the girls, one by one, stood on the bridge, and shared with us what they loved about friendship – so sweet and innocent, all with different words, yet all with the same meaning  – friendships are love.

I’m grateful to have been a part of such a sweet and meaningful moment in time, to know that God has blessed each and everyone of us with a loving friend or friends, is a gift that we can never take for granted.

So yes, we cherish our time with those we love, and yes, we praise Him for His love – that unimaginable love, we get to share with everyone we meet.

It’s so true – We are loved by love Himself.  He loves us big and He loves us strong, and yes .. love wins period

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul”   Proverbs 27:9

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