If we habitually blame others for our problems instead of taking responsibility for the part we may have played – blame can become a way of life.

Ridding ourselves of entitlement attitudes is like pulling thistles out by the roots – it’s difficult – however, once the attitude is gone- it can’t grow any more thorns.

Those of us who blame others – often blame God indirectly for dispensing an inferior life – this blame of God must be confessed as well – we must admit – and understand – that no one, not even God owes us anything.

We can know and completely trust that every good and perfect gift comes from God – If we can breathe – if we can work – if we love – play – laugh and experience enjoyment – then yes – we are greatly blessed.

God did not owe us any of that. Oh but – because He is good – He gave us many things to enjoy, so yes – e are commanded to be thankful in every situation, and no – we cannot be thankful if we feel entitled to more.

Find the good in the situation – we tend to blame others when our life situation is not as we wish it to be – what we need to remember is – God says that He’s ultimately in charge and will use everything for our good if we trust and love Him

When we turn misfortune into an opportunity to give thanks – we rob our enemy of a weapon he wants to use against us.

Taking personal responsibility for our lives and refusing to blame others for our problems is a mark of maturity – blaming others for our problems only keeps us mired in immaturity – we also forfeit opportunities to learn from our mistakes – develop perseverance, and yes – work in harmony with God to produce the character of Jesus in our lives.

We all have so much to learn in this life we live – no better than the Teacher Himself.

We are loved by love Himself. He loves us big and He loves us strong, and yes – love wins period

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