Friends .. it’s when we show the kindness of God that we’re tender .. compassionate .. and yes .. useful to others .. for yes .. our every action and every word will have the flavor of grace in it .. haha .. and yes ..  it’s true .. at times the act of kindness is difficult in itself .. let alone doing it with a warm and generous spirit .. however .. the bottom line is simple .. to express kindness toward those who are against us requires the work of God .. and yes .. that’s why kindness is a fruit of the Spirit .. He showers us with it .. and yes .. requires it of us .. and yes .. He has blessed us with His Spirit .. which enables us to always be kind .. so yes .. it now becomes a choice .. haha .. and yes .. the choice becomes ours .. and yes .. again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“One gives freely .. yet grows all the richer .. another withholds what he should give .. and only suffers want. .. whoever brings blessing will be enriched .. and one who waters will himself be watered”


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