Even when things are not running as smooth as we “think” they should – we can express gratitude, no matter the situation.
It increases self-esteem and resilience, as well as, determination and energy.

The truth is, when we stay mindful to keep an attitude of gratitude, we actually have less aches and pains, we have fewer psychological problems and we get better rest.

All of which helps us to be more productive, and yes, makes us appreciate the efforts of those around us, which in turn, improves our team moral.

I have to laugh as I’m sitting here thinking about how smart God is to have given us this gift of gratitude – it’s here for us to use at anytime – we choose to simply feel better.

He’s like that though – always in the front making a way, when at times, we feel there is no way.

So yes, as we move on through, and yes, when times get difficult – we stay mindful not to look at what’s wrong – we stay mindful not to start complaining – and yes – we stay mindful not to allow ourselves to talk or think obsessively about them.

Seriously – what we think and say, absolutely affects how we feel and act – complaints don’t ever provide solutions, however, they will put us in a negative state of mind – just about every time.

So yes, we look at the things that are working, and we keep our attention on them. It’s not always going to be easy to do.
However, it’s when we can look at a setback as a challenge, we’ll find ways to face it – and we’ll come out stronger.

Bottom line – gratitude is a proven way to help us deal with whatever we may face in life. It brings calm in the midst of restlessness, and yes, it steers us away from worries and provides encouragement when we need it most.

It’s a practice that can have a huge positive effect on each and everyone of us, as well as on the choices we make – whether in business or in everyday living.

It’s October y’all – let’s get our gratitute on!

We are loved by love Himself. He loves us big and He loves us strong, and yes – love wins period

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things” Phillipeans 4:8

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