September 11 – We all have memories of that day and I again remember that day clearly.

I was standing in the kitchen at Hibiscus. It was slow that morning, and yes, very still and quiet. We were in the process of restoring Bert’s Barn and our friend and carpenter Jeff, had just walked in to get a coffee before starting his days work when the phone rang – it was my friend Brenda crying in disbelief as to what she was watching on the television. Immediately Jeff and I ran into the Art Deco room to tune in for ourselves.

As we stood there and watched in tears, no words came – It was a sad day for America.

As the days and months and years have continued to pass – it’s became more and more evident just how much, that yes, God had designed our lives to be a community project. The truth is – we need the help of each other in our lives to become the people He’s created us to be.

When our heart is breaking and our eyes are blinded by grief – we need each other more than ever. People are placed in our lives for a reason – He places the ones that He knows will help us see things – that we simply could not see by ourselves. These people can help us remember His goodness when we’re tempted to forget – these people, they’ll exercise faith for us when our faith is weak – these people will bring His very comfort to us when we’re in despair, and yes, these people – they will gently warn us when we’re tempted to get off track.

We never ever have to go through sadness alone. We have God, and yes, we have each other – we’re all His helpers, and we’re here to look out for one another, to be patient with one another, and yes, to be loyal and truthful with one another.

We know in our heart that even in the darkest of moments in our life – we can always find clear and obvious signs of His presence and love – and for this we are thankful.

And yes – there will be times when we’re not at all over enthused for what we’re going through – but always – we’re thankful for what He gives us to sustain us to get us through.

So yes, we search for those lights of goodness – they’re always there. Even in the darkest moments of time, we must pay attention to good things He’s doing – for yes, it’s then that our grief – will be mixed with heartfelt gratitude.

We are loved by love Himself. He loves us big and He loves us strong, and yes – love wins period

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” Psalm 147:

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