I used to have a plan for everything .. haha .. and everyone .. my husband .. my son .. and .. my friends .. I would find myself frustrated if things didn’t go the way I thought they should … for .. you see .. I wanted God to do things my way .. however .. with much gratitude .. I have found .. He is so much smarter than me .. haha .. that’s right .. and friends .. it all boils down to this .. He simply wants us to place our trust in His great plan for our lives .. and that trust .. requires unanswered questions .. for .. in the moment .. we may not understand the .. “why” … but later on .. we’ll look back and discover that all the while .. He had our “best” in mind .. so please .. be encouraged today .. continue trusting God .. even when things don’t make sense .. it’s an awesome way to live .. while experiencing more peace than ever before .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“My times are in Your hands”


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