It’s wedding season .. haha .. and yes .. we had a hard weekend ..  between the rain the tents and the celebrations .. needless to say our staff as well as ourselves worked some very long hours in some not so easy conditions ..  haha .. however .. when it’s all said and done .. when everyone is happy .. and yes ..  when we’re tired and need rest .. we go back to the truth .. and yes .. that truth is simply .. we’re all God’s children .. we have a Father who is  worthy of our trust .. and no .. all our worry over our responsibilities and concerns .. haha .. doesn’t change a thing .. so yes .. we again resolve ourselves to give up our illusion of control .. and yes .. we rest peacefully in His unfailing care .. instead of letting worry consume our nighttime thoughts .. haha .. we pray .. we lay in the darkness handing over our worries one by one to our faithful Father instead of grasping them in our powerless hands .. haha .. oh yes .. it’s a learning process .. but friends .. it’s a process we can’t fully live without .. for yes .. we’ll find that our nights rest .. haha .. will be peacefully solid as we hand over one by one our concerns to Him .. the One who never slumbers .. that yes .. carries it all .. for yes .. He is love .. and yes yes yes  .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you”


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