Peter tells us to be well-balanced and temperate – so yes – when we begin to feel anger, it’s the perfect time to exercise the fruit of “self-control”.

Although our anger may be justified – it’s not an excuse to stay that way. Instead of denying or justifying it – we ask God to help us deal with it in a positive way

When the enemy attacks – instead of getting mad, go bless someone. Responding in a positive way is the direct opposite of what the enemy wants us to do – we’re now defeating his plan to keep us in an ugly mindset.

No, this doesn’t come naturally nor is it always easy – but when we do what we can do – God will do what we can’t do. When we hang on to anger – we’re just being foolish.

So yes – we simply turn the anger and the people who caused it over to God and let Him take care of it – trusting and believing this fact – we cannot change our past but when we give it to God – He’ll always use it to bring us a better future.

We are loved by love Himself. He loves us big and He loves us strong, and yes – love wins period

“Do not let yourself be overcome by evil but overcome (master) evil with good” Romans 12:21

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