Friends .. we need to lift each other up .. never tear each other down .. we need encourage one another along our way with the hope .. that yes .. something we may say or do will actually help someone in their time of need .. for the truth is .. none of know what the person next to us is going through .. haha .. and yes .. we can bet .. and yes .. win the bet by saying .. that yes .. everyone’s going through something .. we’re not alone in our struggles .. oh .. they may be different and we may think ours are bigger than theirs .. but friends .. to each of us our struggles are real .. and yes .. they can be big .. so big that we get lost in that struggle .. and yes .. at times .. simply can’t seem to find our way out .. haha .. however .. we know and serve a Living God .. and yes .. He’s big .. and yes .. His love for us is bigger .. and yes .. since we’re created in His very image .. we need to do all we can to imitate Him and His unconditional love .. by yes .. comforting and encouraging one another in a kind and gentle way .. just like He does .. by loving one another in spite of and not because of .. just like He does .. for yes .. His love is truly the greatest love we’ll ever know .. for He is the very essence of love itself .. and that love of His .. it’s always and forever meant to be shared .. haha .. for simply .. sharing is good .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
““Dear friends .. let us love one another .. for love comes from God .. everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God .. whoever does not love does not know God .. because God is love”

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