It’s good to understand the difference between joy and happiness .. after all ..  they are like night and day .. happiness comes and goes .. it isn’t something we can cling to when we are facing trials and heartaches  .. oh but .. on the other hand ..  JOY .. it can stay with us for the long haul .. simply because .. real joy .. comes from God ..  and .. for the Believer ..  it’s like a bottomless well  ..  always an abundant supply .. right at our fingertips .. even  in the darkest days .. when sadness .. grief ..  and ..  loss .. may threaten to overwhelm us  .. His remarkable joy is there .. and friends .. this joy .. it cannot be taken away from us  .. even when we think it’s gone .. it’s not .. we are promised His joy .. it is written in His Word .. so that means .. it’s   TRUTH ..  so with His promise in hand .. we get ourselves up .. we stop the negative mindset .. and .. we grab hold of His joy ..  for .. it’s free and it’s a gift .. all we have to do is reach our and accept it  .. grab it and hang on to it like a lifeline .. for .. no matter what happens .. we can choose joy over bitterness and anger .. we can do this every minute of every day ..  in spite of the trials and heartaches we may be facing .. YES .. “standing on the promises of God” .. that’s what gets us through ..  oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“Be joyful always”


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