It’s Maundy Thursday – two thousand years ago the world is in turmoil much as it is today – powers being abused – minorities being oppressed and people going hungry.

Jesus asked His disciples to reserve the upper room – it was a special place where they could observe a special Passover dinner together. Oh and yes, the disciples – they’ve heard him talk about laying down his life, but literally had no idea He would die in less than twenty four hours. No, from the way they saw it – this night looked more like a celebration of His swift rise to popularity rather than a solemn prelude to His very death.

He had spent the last three years fascinating people with miracles, while yes, amazing crowds with his simple, but yet – profound teaching. He was recognized as a healer, a rabbi, a prophet, and now – it seems a thrilling political candidate.

So yes, as they gather at the table on that Thursday evening – I’m sure they were expecting Him to make a big announcement – but He didn’t. No – He didn’t wow them with miracles – He didn’t turn water to wine – He didn’t give a speech – He didn’t even tell a parable – and no – He didn’t offer them a plan for what happens next.

He’s wasn’t looking to grow a voter base – instead He stood silently, stripped off His robes until He looked like a slave, then quietly – He kneeled down and began to wash their feet. The very image of this instantly humbles my heart.

The disciples were not only surprised, they were totally embarrassed – for this was not the behavior of a king in any way shape or form – but yet, with this simple humble gesture on the very last night of His life – He took the final and bold stand, that yes – the root of every problem in the world we live – is not the absence of power, votes or money, but yes – the absence of love.

The reality of this is – the infusion of love must be the beginning of every solution, and yes – just as He invited the diciples that night, He invites us today – He invites us to follow His plan, to simply love our neighbors and bless our enemies – to continuously be peacemakers – to be poor in spirit – to be meek and mild – to stop contending for first place, and yes – gladly go last.

It’s then and only then, that we’ll be emptied of selfishness and conceit, while in exchange – be motivated by love and not by fear.

When we take this on, as hard as it may seem at times – we can and we will together – change the world.

So yes, as we sit on this Thursday morning, and yes, as we reflect on this humbling night – we’re reminded of the mandate He left us – it wasn’t a political or economic one – no sweet friends – the only mandate He ever had and ever will have – simply calls us to is love.

We are loved by love Himself. He loves us big and He loves us strong, and yes – love wins period

“This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you” John 15:12

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