The roots of the Christmas story have nothing to do with lighted trees, elves, presents or gift wrap – although these are indeed wonderful additions to the celebration, the heart of the Christmas story is one family, who yes – overcame many hardships and difficulties by perseverance, trust in God, great faith in Him and in each other.

The story of their journey to Bethlehem can teach us a lot about how to navigate our own difficult times – It can teach us where to turn when we’re scared, confused or troubled.

Just as Mary and Joseph did, we should also turn to God in trust and faith.

After Jesus was born, all wasn’t eternal merriment and delight. Quite the contrary. Mary and Joseph lived in
perplexing times.

The political climate was unstable and a maniacal ruler named Herod was murdering
children in the search for an infant king.

Mary and Joseph persevered – they were the epitome of resilience.

From the moment they found out that she was going to birth that totally unexpected birth – they clung tightly to the truth that love is stronger than fear.

Even when they were living as refugees in Egypt, they held onto hope.

Mary and Joseph traveled the road to Bethlehem as the law demanded to be counted in the census. And it was
there that Jesus was born.

This road was very difficult – the travel itself was long and arduous. The circumstances of Mary being
pregnant, but not by Jospeh added to the drama and with Mary ready to give birth – the situation became dire.

So yes, may we all stay mindful to reflect this season on the journey.

When we truly think about it, we simply understand – this road those two sweet and obedient young couple traveled on to Bethlehem – became a road for all of us that leads to peace, freedom and salvation.

We are loved by love Himself. He loves us big and He loves us strong, and yes – love wins period

“So Joseph and his wife, Mary, left Nazareth, a village in Galilee, and journeyed to their hometown in Judea, to the village of Bethlehem, King David’s ancient home. They were required to register there, since they were both direct descendants of David” Luke 2:4-7


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