Friends ..  I’m thinking about us people this morning .. and yes .. the truth is .. there’s simply nothing more costly to God than His people .. so yes ..  in knowing this truth .. every single person we meet must be valued and given dignity .. for yes .. He Himself gave His Son as a random for that very person .. haha .. so .. with a “hell yes”  we need to make sure  we’re valuing people in the same manner He does .. staying mindful to lend a helping hand to those who cross our path in need .. blessing them with love  .. while constantly keeping our eyes and hearts open to those who are lost and hurting .. for yes sweet friends ..  these people .. we’re everywhere .. haha ..  it’s a new day .. come on now ..  let’s rock it .. for yes ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Bear one another’s burdens .. and so fulfill the law of Christ”


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