I grew up in a house full of total chaos .. haha .. you know .. complete disorder and confusion .. it was the way of life for me for so many many years .. I tried so hard to break the bondage it had over me .. but .. could never figure it out .. after going through years of addiction .. and yes .. self hate and shame .. after years of hurting everyone I could around me as bad as I had been hurt .. I finally and truly .. haha .. “saw the light” .. yes .. it was when I reached out to God without looking to the right or to the left .. He was able to help me dissect my past .. in my state of alienation .. He was able to help me put things where they needed to be .. for simply .. it was when I took my eyes off of man .. haha .. and yes .. focussed solely on Him .. I was finally able to move forward .. and today .. I actually have the tools .. haha .. of making the rest of this life here on earth .. the best life ever .. oh I know .. my story is not unique .. as each of us .. and yes .. everyone we meet .. has their own past burdens to bear .. we all have our own demons to face .. and yes .. our own problems to work through .. but friends .. we all have the same God .. we have the same support system that is driven by pure unconditional love .. for yes sweet friends .. He is mighty .. and yes .. He indeed .. ‘walks with us .. talks with us .. and yes .. makes us His own’ .. so .. we take our eyes off of man .. and yes .. we set our gaze on Him .. allowing Him with the desire He has for each us .. to take us straight on to the ..haha .. “State of Peacefulness” .. yes friends .. for so many years I really believed that to please Him .. haha .. I has to please everyone around me .. but the truth is .. to please Him .. all we have to do is follow His plan .. and yes .. His plan for all of us is to ‘give us hope and a future’ .. His command is for us to .. ‘love others as we love ourselves’ .. but His plan does not mean .. we have to people please .. for yes .. He’s the One we look to for our next step .. haha .. our next adventure .. for yes .. we’re promised the ride with Him is the only ride we’ll ever need .. and on this ride sweet friends .. we’ll simply find .. haha .. the gaps are being filled .. the circles are being closed .. and yes .. we’re exactly where He wants us to be .. for now .. we’ve become servants and we’re no longer slaves .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“If anyone serves Me .. he must follow Me .. and where I am .. there will my servant be also .. if anyone serves Me .. the Father will honor him”

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