Last night the kids (all four of them) .. came over for our annual Christmas Dinner together .. and .. of course .. the opening of the presents .. haha .. Pop Bob and I had so much fun getting out and shopping for those babies ( all four of them) .. we went here and there .. carefully picking out each gift .. thinking about what the look on their faces would be when they open this or that .. we were especially grateful as we shopped .. that we were even able to this year .. and that .. oh yes .. made it .. that much more fun .. as I watched the unwrapping unfold ..  I was totally overwhelmed by the joy on their faces (all four of them) .. those two little sisters .. seeing which one could open the fastest .. and little sister .. even in the midst of the chaos .. wanting to be right by her big sisters side .. the laughter and smiles on mommy and daddy’s face as the girls .. “oohed and ahhed” ..  we just love them all so much .. so .. as I sit here this morning ..  reflecting on the night ..  and .. the pure joy of this holiday season .. you know .. my mind goes straight to Jesus .. I think about all of us who come to Him .. like little children in need .. we look for His approval .. His love .. and .. His grace .. for .. His love for each of us .. is unmeasurable .. I mean after all .. He was born .. to save us all .. from our very selves ..  and .. when someone tells us .. Christmas is for kids .. we say .. yes it is .. for every kid inside of us .. for friends .. with Jesus Our Savior ..  and .. in the stories of Old Saint Nick .. we learn the meaning of grace .. you know .. that unmerited favor .. that gift of getting something .. totally undeserved ..  so  .. as Christmas Day approaches ..  and .. we celebrate Jesus .. His love .. and .. His life ..  we can also celebrate the love we have for each other .. for ..  after all ..we’ve all .. including St Nick .. have learned to love .. from the best ..  that’s right ..  “Jesus .. Jesus .. Jesus .. the sweetest name we know”  ..  oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son .. that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”


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