Purpose. We all search for it .. and most certainly .. there is one we all share…

The Purpose of Love ..  It’s when we begin to understand the enormity of what this means that our life changes. Our soul meets at the entire point of our being.  Our purpose is love, and yes,  our purpose is to love.

And we do this,  In spite of and not because of .. period.

This simply means we can no longer go around spewing hate toward ourselves, toward others or toward God.  We can no longer hate what we do and we can no longer go through our day doing things that simply do not come from love, that  do not bring love to ourselves or do not bring love to God.

For you see, it’s when we truly grasp this, that no,  we no longer walk aimlessly. We no longer move from one thing to another searching for something to guide us. For now in this moment, we simply understand the sole reason we exist is to love one another, and that yes, because of this, we’re unlimited in the many ways we can express ourselves out of love.

Never harming or setting conditions, nor,  punishing or teaching hard lessons.

Friends ..  we are so loved by God that’s it’s totally indescribable. It’s that feeling we know deep down in our soul that grabs us and make us feel loved.  It’s my deepest desire that through this page, that together we can find and act upon His Love and His Grace.  Living our lives, looking inward honesty, while yes, always striving to become “better”  a little bit more each day, simply through our walk with Him/

Mindfully loving and learning from each other. Constantly finding ourselves to be limitless in what we can accomplish with this simple practice.  For yes, we are loved by love Himself.  He loves us big, and yes, He loves us wide, and yes, yesterday, today and all of the tomorrow’s to come .. haha ..  oh yeah .. love wins period.

Big Hug – Cheri


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