It’ s always been in the weakest moments of my  life .. that I’ve found some of God’s biggest blessings .. haha .. sounds silly .. yet .. it’s so true ..  I mean .. after all .. there is not a single pretty thing about our weaknesses ..  as a matter of fact ..  most of the time .. we’d rather hide them .. than .. admit them .. oh but friends .. it’s in His hands .. that those weaknesses of ours .. become a conduit of blessings .. that’s right .. for .. without our weaknesses .. we would have no reason to lean on Him for strength .. we would fly high .. all of the time .. haha .. oh yes .. our admission of  our weaknesses .. is simply .. the source of genuine humility of the heart ..  and that .. is one of the spiritual gifts He gives to us ..  yes .. all of us .. think about it  .. if we never had to ask for forgiveness .. from something that surely came from a weakness .. we may never experience the depth of His compassion and love .. simple truth .. so .. in knowing this .. we stay mindful .. to recognize and admit ..  our own weaknesses .. which in turn .. gives us the ability .. to empathize with the weakenesses of others .. as well as .. helping them to overcome the same road .. for friends .. the more we can think about all we have gained .. and .. understood .. just by admitting our weakness .. the more we see .. just how strong .. and .. blessed .. we really are .. for .. it’s through His unconditional and never changing love ..  we find the freedom .. to be ourselves .. strengths and weaknesses combined ..  oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“My grace is sufficient for you .. for My strength is made perfect in weakness”


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