My friend Tami (Southern Groove) who owns Emerald Coast Hydrobikes  invited Bob and I over last night to Tom’s Landing for a late afternoon sunset bike ride on the water followed by dinner and a bonfire .. this is where her bikes are dock .. and .. it’s a really cool little spot .. I suggest you check it out .. she also asked me to read to the group a Bryan Kennedy book .. “Charlie’s Favorite Christmas” .. it was a lot of fun .. when we got there her peeps where coming in off the water .. excited to be together in a fun and different setting .. my friend Alicia was there with her family from North Carolina .. a couple from Wisconsin with their 9 year old daughter was there .. Lisa Malone was there with her family .. and .. guitar in hand .. Butch showed up with his hand drum .. it was a unique mix of people .. all looking for a little something “different” to do on a Saturday evening at the beach .. and friends .. we did that something .. “different” .. Lisa sang and led Christmas Carols while everyone joined in .. I have to say .. there was quite a group of singers in this bunch .. the harmony among them flowed through the air .. it really was quite beautiful .. we sang and we ate .. we roasted hot dogs .. and .. of course .. we had s’mores .. haha .. lots of s’mores .. it was just one of those nights to make a few new memories .. as I said .. Tami had asked me to read this book .. I was hesitant at first .. as the story is so touching .. and I knew .. it would be difficult to get through .. however I did .. and .. it was .. yes .. as I started reading about Charlie growing up and wanting that bicycle for Christmas .. with all eyes on me .. the children frozen in their seats .. waiting for the next line .. memories from my own childhood flashed before me .. no .. I never experienced his exact story .. but .. in my life I have experience many similar .. haha .. I can’t tell you the whole story .. ’cause you need to read the book .. but I can tell you the lesson “I” received .. it’s very simple .. we grow up in life .. we want everything we can get .. and many .. get just that .. the problem with this is .. we never get to experience what it feels like .. to not get what we want .. and .. we never really learn .. nor .. fully understand the true meaning of a broken heart .. for you see .. when are hearts get broken .. when disappointments come our way .. and .. life is not just as we had hoped .. we search for comfort .. and .. in that search .. nine times out of ten .. we hit the jackpot .. and find God .. oh yes .. it would be nice if we were all born .. just to love and trust Him .. His job would be much easier .. and .. our lives a skate .. but .. He didn’t create us that way .. no .. He wanted it to be .. our choice .. for .. He knew we would have times when we were so sad or so distraught that we needed a special touch .. a touch like no other touch .. His touch .. so .. He made it a choice as to whether it came from Him or the world .. and friends .. He’ll do all He can to get to us .. yes .. He’ll use people .. He’ll use cards .. and .. He’ll use a well written story .. to remind us .. of the depth .. of .. our Father’s love .. a love so big .. that He sent His only Son .. to live and die for us .. all so .. we could have hope .. the hope in knowing that no matter what we face .. no matter what we get .. or .. don’t get in this life .. we are beautiful and we are loved in His eyes .. and friends .. no one on this earth .. can take that away from us .. they may try .. but .. we can’t be fooled .. for His love .. is Big Love .. a love like no other love we’ll ever find .. for me .. I can truly say .. He’s been my .. Best Choice Ever .. haha .. thank you Tami .. my dear sweet friend for the invite .. it was a wonderful evening .. and .. I’m looking forward to that .. next touch .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“O Lord you are our Father .. we are the clay .. You are the potter .. we are the work of Your hands”


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