I absolutely love the fact .. that my relationship with God is only between .. Him and I .. that’s right .. no one can dictate how my relationship with Him is supposed to be .. same for all of us .. we’re all unique .. so therefore .. our bond with Him is going to be different .. so .. with that being said .. what I’ve also come to learn .. is simply this .. when He sets us up to do something .. or .. He gives us vision and purpose in life .. that too .. is also is between Him and I .. and .. between .. you and Him .. haha .. yes friends .. it’s totally impossible for any of us.. to expect anyone else to be on the same page .. nor .. understand what He’s doing in our life .. no matter how bad we may want them to .. for the truth is .. when we’re obedient to Him .. we’ll find .. some people .. may think we’re just plain crazy .. however .. in spite of our connection .. we must be willing to put their thoughts and feelings aside .. and simply .. trust in Him .. trust what He’s doing .. and know .. we’re headed in the right direction .. for friends .. in order to reach our destination .. we must keep moving .. a journey is not a journey .. once we stop .. oh no .. there’s no reason to fret .. for friends .. He knows all things .. and .. as we go from season to season .. we simply allow Him .. to reveal the plans He has for us .. and .. once He does .. we can’t allow anyone to stop us from accomplishing .. just that .. so .. we examine our current situation .. and .. we step out in faith to do .. whatever it takes .. to get it done .. yes .. we may find ourselves forced to make a decision that we simply aren’t ready to make .. or simply .. don’t want to make .. but friends .. make the decision .. I know .. it’s easy to say what we aren’t going to do .. but .. what we must decide .. is what we’re going to do .. and .. once we do that .. we then .. rid our thoughts of the negative .. and .. let our actions do the talking for us .. understanding .. other people .. they’re gonna talk .. but .. we can’t let that stop us .. for God .. He’s doing great “things” in all our lives .. some of those ..”things” .. we simply .. may not understand .. some .. we simply .. haha .. just don’t like .. while some .. hurt our very hearts .. but .. I can say this with full confidence .. “all is well” .. for you see .. all those “things” we’re going through .. the’re working together for good .. and .. for His glory .. oh yes .. although seasons change and people change .. His Word stays the same .. so .. no matter how bad we hurt .. we must remember .. it’s all part of the journey .. for no one else .. has walked our path .. and we .. like King David .. are steadfast .. looking to the hills .. from where our help truly comes .. yes friends .. bottom line .. our help .. it doesn’t come from man .. it comes from God .. and with Him .. there’s no turning back on life’s journey .. no .. for we now .. have new paths to follow .. and .. that my friends .. makes for exciting days ahead .. haha .. so .. come on now .. let’s get ready for the ride .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“I will lift up my eyes to the hills .. from where comes my help .. my help comes from the LORD .. which made heaven and earth”

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