Friends .. I have to say .. “anger .. bitterness .. and .. resentment” .. they are just plain .. “kill joys” .. haha .. that’s right .. I mean really .. we all know that anger is the number one emotion that’s the most lethal of all emotions .. followed by it’s cohorts of bitterness and resentment .. IF .. not dealt with wisely .. for .. God tells us not to let anger grab hold of us .. simply because .. if we do .. it’ll give the enemy legal ground to totally get his foot .. inside our door .. and friends .. we don’t want him in our house .. no way .. oh yes .. we know anger’s not a sin .. it’s an emotion .. but friends .. it’s how we deal with our anger .. that can cause us to sin .. not only against others .. but God Himself .. yep .. when we take matters into our own hands .. no matter the means .. we can easily cross over into doing something .. we don’t need to do .. and .. there we go .. the enemy has us right where he wants us .. again .. and friends .. we’ve got to stop crossing that line .. so .. we stay mindful to the truth .. for .. when we harbor such ugliness in our heart and soul .. God sees it as though .. we’re becoming our own judge .. acting as though.. we are Him .. haha .. and that my friends .. is simply .. stinkin’ thinkin’ .. for .. we’re not the judge .. nor .. the executioner .. and .. without question .. we’re not God .. yes .. the enemy .. he loves it when we move pass the anger .. and then .. give place to bitterness and resentment .. for they too .. gives him ground to stand on that would otherwise be sink hole .. IF .. our minds were straight .. haha .. yes friends .. Our God .. He wants us all to understand .. that He .. and .. He alone is the ultimate judge and executioner .. and this .. is a big deal to Him .. for He .. the One .. who created us alone .. deserves the right .. to be our sole judge and ultimate executioner .. for the truth is .. the way He sees it .. and .. the way He sees things .. is ALL that matters in the end .. so .. we again .. stay mindful to understand .. if our anger is not dealt with properly .. and .. in a timely manner .. resentment and bitterness .. can and will .. begin to sprout out of it .. for .. they are simply .. the twin results of unresolved anger .. it’s like a slow growing spiritual cancer that will imprison us .. until it’s nearly too late .. IF .. preventive measures are not taken in it’s early stages to keep it from getting its deadly poison into us .. harsh but true .. yes friends .. for me .. personally .. if I’ve learned anything from Him .. and .. about Him .. it’s been what I’ve learned .. from my own personal pain in my relationship with Him .. and .. I can tell you this .. to be on His good side and to receive His maximum blessings and favor .. we had better .. “pass the test” .. of learning to forgive quickly .. and .. to be wisely thankful on a regular basis .. no .. He does not want us to be thankful for evil .. for .. He does not want us to condone pure meanness .. however .. He does want us to use the awesome powerful weapon of being thankful .. for it then .. evil simply cannot .. get it’s foot in our door .. haha .. and therefore .. it isn’t able to make us a victim .. so .. here we have it .. when dealing with anger .. resentment .. and .. bitterness .. we give it to Him .. asking only for .. the clarity .. understanding .. and .. wisdom to see .. that getting a firm grasp on being thankful when we feel .. hurt .. offended .. betrayed .. used .. and .. abused .. is the only option .. from this moment on .. for friends .. this is our weapon .. He has given us to use for our good .. may we all .. be wise enough to use it .. every chance we get .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many”

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