The cover picture I posted yesterday was taken by Shelly Swanger a few years ago ..  we catered a wedding over on Pine St at Grayton Orange and she was the photographer ..  it was taken from the top porch overlooking our beautiful Grayton Dunes .. and .. without a doubt .. is one of my many favorite pics I have of hers .. so .. yesterday .. as Bob and I were hanging in Grayton .. we went over to those beautiful dunes ..  haha .. it was funny ..  as they are every bit as beautiful as this picture .. but .. we also noticed ..  they had totally transformed themselves .. to a different “state” .. if you will .. as we looked them over .. we talked about the way the sand dunes had shifted over time .. and .. how awesome our God is to have created such incredible beauty out of a itty bitty spec of sand .. and  with that ..  we couldn’t help but think about the many examples He’s set for us .. as a result of tiny changes ..  haha .. yes .. just as the surrounding towering pines have crept up over the years .. we were able to come to the conclusion .. it was all through life’s storms and much perseverance  .. they have formed ..  haha ..  just like our relationship with God .. that’s right  .. think about it .. in no way does He demand ..  that we perfect ourselves in our own strength .. no .. instead .. He only asks ..  that we cooperate with His efforts to change us .. haha .. for the truth is .. if our spiritual maturity  depended on our own persistence ..  I don’t know about you .. but mine .. would still be crawling in diapers  .. however .. He .. Our God ..  is far more persistent than we are  .. and .. His devotion to us ..  is so far more greater and bigger .. than ours is to Him .. kind of sad when you think about it .. but .. it’s true .. we get frustrated and give up .. He never does .. nope .. when we get down and out .. He keeps pouring out the energy .. He keeps prodding and adjusting our circumstances until .. haha ..  we are motivated to cooperate with Him again  .. for friends .. it’s the strong and persistent winds that caused those dunes to transform themselves .. and .. for us .. it’s His persistent love that keeps us moving  .. that simply ..  aligns us .. right back to Him .. yes sweet friends .. it’s those tiny choices we make in life ..  that have great power .. just like .. the specs of sand in those dunes .. our  choices are what mold us and shape us .. right on into  .. what .. He has planned for us to be .. so .. as we looked at those specs of sand yesterday .. what we saw .. was simply ..  the little choices we make .. do matter .. but .. we also saw  .. how our choices can change .. just like those sand specs are ready to be lifted up and carried away by a passing breeze.. we too .. in no way ..  have to be bound to our old .. decision making patterns in life .. nope .. if there are things that we’ve said  “no” to Him for years ..  you know .. we all have them .. those things .. we just really need to let go of .. we can choose today .. right now .. this very minute ..  to start saying yes .. for friends ..  the bottom line .. none of us are where we have to remain .. it’s our little decisions that are defining our future .. and ..  those decisions can change ..  and .. when they do ..  our future destination will change as well .. it’s those little decisions we need to focus on .. and yes .. we need to .. more often than not .. say  “hell yeah ” to Him ..  for this .. my sweet friends ..  is simply how .. big changes are accomplished and  grayt victories are won .. haha ..  just the way He planned it from the beginning  .. oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period.

“And your ears shall hear a word behind you .. saying .. “This is the way .. walk in it” ..  when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left”




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