Most all of us .. are looking for ways to improve ourselves .. along with the life we live .. and .. as most of you know .. I’m personally in the middle of a major .. “peel off” .. haha .. yes .. shedding of the old self .. for .. the new improved version of .. myself .. haha .. yes friends .. we’ve all got one thing in common .. we want to change for the better .. we strive each day to get just a little bit better than the day before .. for simply .. there’s something inside each of us that longs for the .. “better self” .. haha .. and friends .. this desire for positive change and constant improvement .. it’s in our DNA .. simply because .. we’re made in the image of God .. and .. His plan for each of us is that we continuously change .. His goal for our life is that we would be transformed into His image .. and .. haha .. this is normal in His world .. yes .. just as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly .. we too can be transformed in the same way .. yet .. we find this so hard .. we lose weight to gain it back .. we get off drugs to relapse .. and .. we come to know Him .. but .. don’t live like we know Him .. haha .. it’s a vicious circle with many webs weaved .. but friends .. I’m here to tell you .. it’s possible to have a lasting life change.. for .. He has given us everything we need to be completely transformed .. His Word teaches .. and .. He promises .. that when a person is born of the Spirit and lives in union with Him .. that He .. will radically change us from the inside out .. haha .. it’s simply .. a process and a journey .. yet .. most of us don’t understand the process and we don’t have the tools for the journey .. for .. most of us don’t know what our calling is .. we haven’t truly grasped the amazing truth and reality that we’re filled with His Spirit .. we’ve been chosen .. we’re deeply loved .. accepted .. and .. forgiven .. by Him .. and friends .. we all have a purpose .. for .. we’re His co heirs .. and .. we’re to let Him .. have full freedom to live His life through us .. wow .. it’s pretty awesome to think of it in this way .. but the truth is .. we often think think the best way to live the “Christian” life is by doing good while trying hard to .. be good .. haha .. its always about .. do do do .. we focus on reading our Bible .. praying .. and .. attending church .. and friends .. please please .. don’t misunderstand .. all of these things are beneficial .. but .. simply doing them .. is not enough to truly change us .. for the bottom line .. real change is not about duty and activity .. it’s about “centered” relationships .. which can only happen authentically .. and .. we have to be willing to be authentic .. we have to be willing .. to show up and bring .. our true selves .. for friends .. it’s only then .. that radical transformation can occur .. haha .. so .. come on now .. let’s get up and break out .. let’s let go of those destructive patterns we’ve carried for so long .. simply so .. we can become the people we’ve always longed to be .. for simply .. this is where our freedom truly resides .. and friends .. it’s our address to own .. let’s own it .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Do not conform to the pattern of this world .. but be transformed by the renewing of your mind .. then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is .. His good .. pleasing and perfect will”

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