Disappointment ..  it comes knocking on our doors .. more than we care to see it visit .. haha .. but friends .. when it does come knocking .. we don’t need to run .. no way .. for the truth is .. it’s coming .. simply because .. we’re human and we as humans .. will simply disappoint each other .. oh I know .. we don’t mean to .. but .. it’s life and this is all part of it .. so .. we deal with it .. simply by .. turning to the Our God .. who is always there with a listening ear and comforting Word ..  and no .. I know .. it’s not always that easy .. but .. what I do know .. if we open our heart in the midst of the frustration and disappointment we feel .. He’ll  come in for the rescue .. haha .. yes .. He will fill our heart with hope again .. yes sweet friends .. He wants to turn that valley we’re in .. into a door of hope .. just so He can fill our heart with .. peace .. joy .. and .. hope .. to simply live big .. for yes sweet friends ..

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