Most all of us love to reminisce on past experiences in our lives where God just seemed to take control and worked it all out .. and yes .. He did it according to His plan and His purpose .. haha .. and yes .. it makes us laugh .. simply because .. we know .. we could’ve never done it on our own .. and yes .. we know .. He’s definitely in control .. for simply .. what we learn through these times is .. we have to laugh .. for friends .. it’s a tragic day when we fail to grab hold of heaven’s humor .. for the way I see it .. smiling is one hundred percent .. spiritual .. that’s right .. and loyalty .. simply .. produces joy .. yes friends .. He does have an awesome sense of humor .. and yes .. to walk with Him .. means to laugh with Him .. as well as .. celebrate that awesome sense of humor .. with .. everyone we meet .. so .. no .. we can’t hold back our laughter any longer .. no way .. it’s like a lubricant for our relationships .. haha .. Lord knows .. if Bob and I didn’t laugh at each other and ourselves .. well .. we’d be in big #%* trouble .. that’s for sure .. think about it .. no one really wants to be around people who don’t ever laugh .. no .. we’d all rather be around the one who laughs at silly things .. who laughs .. even when .. things don’t go as planned .. yes friends .. laughter simply .. links our souls to one another .. it keeps us from taking life and ourselves .. way too seriously .. oh yes .. we know .. there’s certain issues .. that simply are .. no laughing matter .. so .. we stay mindful .. never to laugh at someone else’s pain .. however .. we can’t discount our own ability to make others laugh .. for simply .. many times .. it gives them the permission to laugh as well .. yes friends .. we need to laugh at our own twisted selves .. at our own crazy lives .. for yes .. laughter with one another .. is love .. it’s pure pity for our soul .. haha .. for friends .. it’s when we choose not to laugh .. that we’re missing the experience .. of an important part of His character .. so simply .. we need to let it go and laugh .. that’s right .. let go of any anger and anxiety lingering around .. and laugh .. let go of the hurt and disappointment .. the false humility and pride .. and laugh .. for yes! .. He has done great things .. and .. yes sweet friends .. we can see them .. even in the sorrow and the pain .. for .. we can trust .. they’re there .. simply waiting to be revealed .. by a little love .. and .. by a little laughter .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Our mouths were filled with laughter .. our tongues with songs of joy .. then it was said among the nations .. ‘The LORD has done great things for them’”

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