So many of us are constantly trying to get away from who we really are .. most of the time .. we have no idea we’re even running .. haha .. we think we’re where we’re suppose to be .. until we realize .. His truth .. haha .. yes friends .. we’ll always be tearing away from ourselves until we come to terms with what we are .. and yes .. come full circle with God .. for the truth is .. we all have to come to that place .. where we make that ultimate decision in our life .. that we simply .. can no longer “please” the world around us .. and .. totally give Him our full and undivided attention .. that’s right .. we have to stop living our lives our way .. and yes .. start living our lives His way .. personally for years .. I thought I was doing what He wanted me to do .. but I wasn’t .. I had put my own family on the back burner to pursue my own selfishness .. haha .. oh yes .. I thought I was doing His work .. and .. in many ways I was .. but friends .. I lacked so much .. oh but now .. as I’m coming full circle with Him .. I can honestly say .. until we make the decision to give Him our full attention .. simply by .. stopping to live our lives our way .. and truly .. start living our lives His way .. we’ll never experience the miraculous things He has in store for us .. oh .. we may try to get away from who we really are .. for .. it’s simply .. our natural born tendency to reject who He has called us to be .. and yes .. we’ve all failed to meet His standards at some point in our lives .. but friends .. when we make that full circle .. and accept who we are in Him .. we’ll quit tearing away at ourselves .. that’s right .. we’ll begin to understand who we are in Him .. and clearly see .. what He has in store for us .. and friends .. it’s then .. we’ll be willing to do whatever we need to do .. to accomplish His plan .. I don’t know about you .. but me .. I’ve been shown a whole lot of grace in my life .. and .. in turn I must show the same .. that’s right .. we .. as His people must love at all cost .. oh yes .. we may fight it .. we may feel justified .. we may hang on to something until our hearts become bitter .. but friends .. it’s when we let go of that nonsense and truly focus on His love .. we simply find .. haha .. it’s easy to love .. it’s easy to forgive .. and yes .. it’s easy to come full circle .. yes sweet friends .. for many of us .. this happening in our lives today .. and yes .. it can be a little scary .. but in the end .. we know that we know that we know .. without a doubt .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“The wind blows to the south and turns to the north .. round and round it goes .. ever returning on its course”

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