Friends ..  regardless of who we are or what we’ve done ..  we are loved by God ..  and no ..  there’s no .. if .. ands .. or .. buts .. about it .. He loves us .. and yes .. His love is unconditional .. period .. oh yes .. there are those who will twist and turn this .. but friends .. haha .. truth is truth ..  He loves .. simply because  .. it’s in His nature to love .. haha ..  I mean after all ..  “God is love” .. and this  unconditional love that He has for us .. it just not easy for our human nature to comprehend .. for the reality is .. we understand the concept of earning or receiving something good .. simply based on our performance .. oh but ..  sweet friends .. His unconditional love is an act of generosity .. and ..  should absolutely motivate us .. to love Him back with full and grateful hearts .. haha .. for this kind of love means to care about someone .. without limitations .. without conditions .. while doing things for other people .. simply to make them happy .. no strings attached .. oh I know .. this kind of love is rare .. for .. it includes risk .. along with a willingness to fail .. as we give ourselves over with vulnerability ..  it’s putting our own needs .. and yes pride .. behind us to do what’s best for someone else .. regardless of how we feel .. it requires us to stay close to someone .. not judging them or punishing them .. but loving them .. without any conditions .. for the bottom line is this .. haha .. when we love like Him .. this awesome kind of love .. has the power to heal wounds .. bring people closer together .. and yes ..  simply create relationships beyond our imagination ..  and friends .. we can have this unconditional love for others .. it only requires us to love Him first .. for the truth is .. only He can give us the strength and ability to show this love to someone else ..  and yes  .. when we love this way .. it gives us certain amount of power .. we must never take for granted .. for .. it simply means .. we’re obligated to the truth without judgement .. through kind and gentle communication .. never judging .. and yes .. always standing by them .. while seeing them .. to the better side of their difficulties .. for yes .. we as Believers .. have a huge responsibility to express our love into the lives of others  .. haha ..  and yes friends .. this is where .. the rubber hits the road .. so .. please feel free .. to repeat after me .. haha ..  “to all of you that I’ve not loved like Him for whatever reason  .. I stand and ask for forgiveness ..  and .. to those of you .. haha .. you know who you are .. that have loved me through it all  .. I want you to know .. my life and heart is full because of your love  .. and yes .. haha … to all of you .. who haven’t loved me this way .. when I was wrong .. when I was hurtful .. or .. when I disappointed you ..  I thank  you ” .. for friends .. it’s because of all these actions .. when we felt we have no where to turn .. we turned to Him .. and yes .. this is where .. we’ve truly found .. haha .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love .. joy.. peace .. patience .. kindness .. goodness .. faithfulness .. gentleness .. self-control .. against such things there is no law”



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