The following is a post from David Cunningham’s Facebook page ..   please read carefully and let it soak into your heart .. for the truth is .. so many of our local friends .. homeowners .. and yes  .. business owners right here in Sowal .. along our Scenic 30A  .. are from this area in Louisiana ..  as we sit here with our own “troubles” if you will .. they are not sitting .. they are not resting .. so many no longer have homes .. so .. please please .. don’t let this day go by without giving in any way you can .. take supplies over to Stinky’s Fish Camp today ..  tomorrow morning the trailer will pull out and head to Baton Rouge with what has been gathered  .. another easy way to give is to text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation .. friends .. nothing is too big or too small .. together we can make a difference for our Louisiana neighbors .. this is just the beginning of a long process of healing .. let’s do our part to help them through this process ..  God bless us all.

“I have spent the last two days in Baton Rouge cleaning up from the flood of 2016. I have my share of body aches, scrapes and blisters. I am not looking for a pat on the back. I have taken many pictures of the sad sites in and around the city and did not even make it into Denham Springs or Central or any of the surrounding areas. I had thought to put together a series of those photos, but when I saw this one I figured that it said it better in just one. I was fortunate that my immediate family did not suffer major losses. We did not escape unscathed and did lose some treasured items we had stored, but my family is safe. I will not lie. I have wept more than once for my friends and what I’ve seen the last couple of days. I tear up now as I write this. The thing I want to leave with everyone is that this is far from over for many. It has been inspiring to see the way people have come together to help friends, family and neighbors. Everyone has jumped in to help clean out houses and drag stuff to the curb and rip out sheet rock. There is still a very long road ahead. Many are without a place to go or do you not know how long it will be before their homes will be livable again. It will take weeks for the piles of rubble to be removed from the curbside. Some have not even been able to begin to clean up. Please do not let the desire to help our neighbors fade as we all return back to our busy lives and routines. Whether they live in your subdivision, parish or a different state, they are all our neighbors. The need for help last considerably longer than the meager media coverage. Louisiana is strong. They will rebuild but will need our help.” David Cunningham

Yes sweet friends ..  again and again and again .. haha ..  oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Bear one another’s burdens .. and so fulfill the law of Christ”


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