We may not realize it .. but when we gave our life to Jesus .. all the fruit of the Spirit was planted inside us in a tiny seed  .. and through the Spirit .. we can draw on and experience joy and peace in every circumstance ..  no matter how difficult or painful it may be .. for .. even though we may not be patient naturally .. we can call within and produce it .. when we are battling bad behaviors .. with the Spirit .. we are able to resist and make better choices .. we are no longer captive to the power of the enemy .. we can serve God .. not in the old way of obeying the letter of the law .. but now .. in the way of living in His Spirit .. oh yes .. on our own .. it would be impossible .. yet when we operate in the Spirit .. we have a supernatural ability to overcome ..  and the best part ..  its a gift .. a gift that keeps giving ..  we can’t earn it or buy it .. all we have to do is receive His love in our heart ..  for .. until we do this .. we can’t truly love anyone else .. oh .. we may do all the right things .. but our motivation will be all wrong ..  the fact is ..  all the fruit of the Spirit are held in one place by LOVE .. Jesus Himself said that we must love the Lord our God with all our heart .. all our soul .. and .. all our mind .. and then .. haha .. love our neighbor as ourselves ..  friends .. it’s all about the attitude of our heart .. God loves us so much and He wants us to experience His love in the deepest part of our soul .. He wants to help us to be that person who truly does walk in His love .. so .. we simply choose to believe the best about people while encouraging everyone we meet with love .. never waiting until we feel like it .. we must get out and love purposely .. for it is then .. He will amaze us with a joy that reaches to our very soul .. and then .. “ta da ” .. all the other fruit of His Spirit will follow .. so exciting .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period


But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives .. love ..  joy ..  peace ..  patience ..  kindness ..  goodness ..  faithfulness .. gentleness ..  and ..  self-control .. there is no law against these things!


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