Friends .. we don’t need alarms or rigid rituals to keep our connection with God throughout each day .. haha .. no .. we need only to keep awareness of the fact that He .. haha .. is always there to listen .. that’s right .. if we want to have a conversation with Him .. we can do it anytime .. and yes .. anywhere .. trust me .. I’ve talked to Him is some pretty crazy places .. and yes .. in some .. haha .. not so healthy states .. but the awesome part .. He’s always been there .. for the truth is .. when we choose to be that child who knows .. without a doubt .. that He’s intimately interested in all we have to say .. and yes .. in every single thing that happens to us .. no matter how small or trivial we .. haha .. or others may think it is .. we’ve simply discovered .. that personal prayer connection .. yes friends .. it’s in those moments throughout our day .. when we stop .. we converse .. haha .. and yes .. we listen .. listen for that still small voice .. that simply leads us and guides us .. that we know .. we can now sort out .. and yes .. clarify our priorities .. haha .. yes friends .. simple conversations with God .. whenever and wherever .. simply makes .. for a delightful day .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Delight yourself in the Lord .. and He will give you the desires of your heart”


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