Friends .. I think most of us will agree .. haha .. we’re all here to make the most of what we have .. while making a contribution to this place in which we live .. no .. we’re not here to have everything .. to own everything .. to be everything .. to do everything .. or .. haha .. to defeat everything .. no .. we’re here to do our work .. and then yes .. move on .. for we’re here to commit our bit to this stream of time .. and yes .. to each “reality” that we’re a part of .. haha .. and yes yes yes .. if some of our contributions extend beyond our life on earth .. that’s totally awesome .. for the truth is .. our work is to love .. and yes .. to be with the people that cross our path .. for simply .. it’s by God’s plan .. and yes .. His divine timing .. that we have encountered one another .. for friends .. it’s simply not an accident that we are where we are .. interacting with those around us .. and friends .. it’s totally up to us to make each choice presented before us .. along with each encounter we face .. the best possible experience we can .. by yes .. using what He has given us .. haha .. for simply .. as we choose to live our lives with courage .. we can instill that same courage into the hearts of others .. while helping to bring good for all of us into existence .. yes sweet friends .. it all boils down to the simple act of.. people loving people .. just the way He intended it to be .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period.
“Let all that you do be done in love”

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