We all have a scripture or quote that we’ve carried around .. haha .. and yes .. actually remember the words to or the meaning of when we need a little lift .. for me .. years ago at one of the lowest parts of my life .. I began reading Psalm Ninety One on a regular basis .. and yes .. over and over again I have found it to indeed be my triumphant song of faith .. for it’s in this book that we learn .. God is in fact our dwelling place .. and yes .. it’s where we see .. that yes .. it’s under His wings that we can find refuge .. and yes .. that refuge can be found .. even in the midst of all that surrounds us .. for the truth is .. everyday we face troubles and heartaches .. it’s a part of life .. however .. it’s in the midst of the difficulties that we face .. haha .. that yes .. we can absolutely be certain .. that no .. we’re not alone to deal with this nonsense .. for yes .. His faithfulness is our constant shield .. and yes .. we’re covered by the shadow of the Almighty .. and yes .. haha .. it’s our own choice as to whether or not we reach out and grab hold of these promises that will never change .. for friends .. it’s when we move and act on His Word that we put ourselves under His care .. and yes .. it’s under His care that we find an overwhelming sense of awe followed by a miraculous wonder to our very soul .. for yes .. it’s through His big love for each of us that we find our triumphant song of faith .. a song so well written .. that yes .. any one of us can sing it loud .. and yes .. sing it beautifully .. so yes again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Because he loves me” .. says the LORD .. “I will rescue him .. I will protect him .. for he acknowledges my name”


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