When we believe that God brings every situation .. circumstance .. event .. and .. person into our lives in order to provide us with an opportunity to grow into the fullness of the person He has created us to be .. we then understand .. we all have gifts and talents that are unique to us .. no one else on the planet can do exactly what we are capable of doing in the way that we are capable of doing it .. we are each unique .. special .. and .. talented .. the only way we can discover what we are truly good at is to follow our heart .. trying different things and choosing more of the things we like and less of the things that we don’t like .. it’s when life changes .. rather than trying to maintain the .. ‘status quo’ .. we should get excited about exploring new opportunities .. for .. as we learn more about life and the nature of God .. we find He is relentless .. He will constantly challenge us and put opportunities around us .. that if actually pursued we would be happier people .. for .. you see .. when we deny the dreams of our heart .. we are denying God’s gift for a perfect life for ourselves .. when we do what we think we should do .. or .. what others tell us we should do .. we become lost in the mental activity of our mind which creates separation and struggle .. it’s when we embrace and follow our heart .. things will become effortless and flow easily .. haha .. the punch line .. ‘It’s our Choice’ .. we can choose to step up .. grow .. and .. become more .. or .. we can choose to live a life of sameness .. ‘status quo’ .. ‘existing verses living’ .. constantly staying mindful of the truth .. ‘it’s always our choice’ .. so .. when we find ourselves not liking the way things are in life .. we have a couple of choices .. change what they mean to us (which we always have the power to do) .. or .. change the circumstance .. haha .. life is change .. growth is optional .. choose wisely .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“He only is my rock and my salvation .. my fortress .. I shall not be shaken”



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