Sometimes ..  God just says .. ok sister .. haha .. or .. ok ..  this is the way it is .. what you did was wrong .. oh yes .. we’ve known that in our heart from the beginning  .. but now .. it’s different .. you see .. now .. because our mindset is on Him and Him only .. the light is shining and we can accept it ..  we can realize that all the hype in the past .. the following .. the being followed ..  the glory that we thought was brought on by.. “works” ..  makes us now understand just a little bit more about grace  .. . yes .. that amazing grace ..  the sound so sweet to our ears .. so amazing that it has been talked about and preached about for thousands of years ..   for me ..   this is where my daily thoughts have brought me .. closer and closer to Him ..  one step forward .. and .. sometimes .. two steps back .. yet through it all .. the thick .. the thin .. the right .. and .. the wrong .. His Grace has sustained me .. and for that .. my heart is humbled ..  oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

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