God wants us to not only get “real” with Him .. but also .. to get “real” with ourselves .. you see .. He can’t heal our heart until we say how we feel without fear of retribution or rejection … many of us have learned early on that when we talked about our feelings .. we suffered the wrath or indignation of someone who had .. “power” .. over us. .. so with that .. we’ve learned to slowly stuff our feelings in a secret place .. and simply .. tell people what they want to hear .. all the while .. stuffing those feelings a little bit deeper … haha .. for heavens sake .. we can’t tell people the truth .. it’s not always pretty and that makes them uncomfortable .. oh but friends .. it’s so important to get “real” with our feelings .. it may not be pretty but we can’t afford to hide them anymore .. for when we do .. we reach out for those things that will only hurt us .. till eventually we lose touch with what’s really going on inside .. simply because .. we’ve covered it up .. so .. when we’re lonely .. or .. just feeling a bit sorry for ourselves .. we look up and we tell Him .. yes .. we tell the One that gives the solutions and answers our prayers .. for now .. our healing comes .. simply because .. we’ve given up on the lie … for .. it’s when .. we can see for ourselves how we really feel .. and .. we give those feelings .. without judging them .. to Our God .. He in turn .. gives us supernatural comfort .. and .. our lives make a shift .. that perfect turn .. for the better .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period​

“Therefore .. if anyone is in Christ .. he is a new creation .. the old has passed away .. behold .. the new has come”






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