While God wants us to know we are forgiven .. the enemy .. on the other hand . . wants us to feel guilty .. for after all .. he is .. the prince of darkness  .. and he knows .. our feelings of guilt will keep us .. in our mind ..  separated from God .. think about it .. the Bible calls him .. the deceiver of the whole world and the “accuser of our brothers” ..  oh but friends .. while he constantly tries to accuse us  and make us feel guilty ..  Our God ..  He declares that we are as pure as Jesus Christ .. and .. that we are completely forgiven .. because .. He paid the penalty for our sins when He die on the cross ..  for ..  you see .. simply because we  believe and  accept what He did for us .. He sees us as completely pure and holy .. haha .. without any faults .. so .. we trust in this truth ..  nothing .. absolutely nothing .. can change the facts in His Word ..  and that is where we put our faith .. that’s right .. in the facts revealed and not in our feelings .. so .. when those feelings of guilt arise .. we stay mindful of the facts .. we are loved by God .. complete pure and holy through Jesus … and .. we are constantly being cleansed by His loving hand  .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“But if we walk in the light .. as He is in the light .. we have fellowship with one another .. and the blood of Jesus .. His Son .. purifies us from all sin”





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