When Paul was about to die .. he asked for a blanket to stay warm .. and .. his scrolls .. these most likely meaning .. the pieces of the Old Testament that he owned .. haha .. although .. it really doesn’t make much sense .. since .. he’d already written most of the New Testament clearly and efficiently .. he wasn’t going to preach another sermon .. nor .. lead another Bible study .. and .. as far as we know .. he never wrote another letter .. think about it .. He knew the Scriptures backwards and forwards .. surely he had enough hidden in his heart to keep him sustained until his execution .. oh .. but friends .. he wanted so badly .. to hold and read God’s Word .. right up until he met its Author .. face to face .. for one simple reason .. he greedily hungered for God Himself .. haha .. and .. we should expect nothing less .. for you see .. Paul wanted every single bit of God he could get until his last dying breath .. he wanted every insight he could take in from His Word .. every ounce of His presence and power .. even in his last moments on earth .. oh yes .. what an awesome insight and lesson for us concerning .. greed itself .. for .. we know .. to greed for earthly things is not good .. He tells us so .. oh but .. to totally and hungrily greed for Him .. is good .. it’s so very good .. for .. He is the source of everything .. and friends .. the only cap on His ability to give of Himself is our capacity to receive … so .. there we have it .. it’s good to hunger greedily for Him .. that’s right .. for .. He is never going to run out of love .. He’ll never run out of joy .. and .. most certainly .. He’s never going to run out of grace and mercy .. He’s simply .. never going to run out of anything .. He will always be here .. ready and willing .. no matter .. what .. when .. or .. where .. to fill us and fuel us .. for whatever we may face .. as we walk our walk .. simple truth .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.
” I have fought the good fight .. I have finished the race .. I have kept the faith”





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