Years ago I wrote in the cover of my Bible a quote that simply reads .. “Endurance is not just the ability to endure a hard thing but to take that hard thing and allow God to turn it into glory” .. haha .. I’m not sure who’s quote this is .. and yes .. it’s now faded and can barely be read .. but at the time I wrote it because I believed it .. and today .. haha .. I know it to still be true .. we’ve all been there .. facing and enduring those hard things that come with life itself .. and yes .. somewhere in the mix and somewhere down the line .. God placed someone in our path to encourage us along the way .. haha .. it could have been the grocery clerk with a single thank you .. a preacher with a sermon that touched our heart in just the right place .. or .. maybe even a stranger who reached out not even knowing what they did .. haha .. no matter who or what it was .. we thank Him for the ability to make it on through .. and yes .. for these people along the way .. and now here we are .. winding down another year .. moving on into the next with that feeling of newness ahead .. you know .. our right to a fresh start .. haha .. to yes .. be a little better and to do a little more than we’ve done thus far .. however .. if we really sit and think about it .. haha .. this seems like something we should do everyday .. not wait for a new year to roll around .. haha .. for the truth is .. God gives us newness every single day of our lives .. haha .. it’s there for the taking .. and friends .. as brothers and sisters in this circle we live .. it’s our job as His children to encourage and love one another along the way .. meaning .. each and every new day .. haha .. and yes .. we can trust that this is important for us to do .. for without encouragement .. life would sooner than later feel totally pointless and burdensome .. without simple encouragement from one another .. we could become overwhelmed by the very real pains of life .. and yes .. without encouragement from one another .. we can feel unloved while actually starting to believe the enemy’s numerous lies .. haha .. beginning with the ridiculous thought that God Himself is not telling us the truth .. nor .. is He concerned with our welfare .. haha .. and yes .. these are in fact .. outright lies .. for He is with us .. and yes .. He is in us .. and no .. it can’t get any better than that .. so .. we do as He asks us to do .. we encourage one another .. we remind each other of the simple truth .. He loves us and equips us to be able to endure whatever may come our way .. for we are treasured by Him .. and yes .. in the end we’ll simply find .. our struggles have been worth it .. for today .. we’re right where we’re suppose to be .. so .. we soak it up .. we let it grow within while taking this opportunity given .. to be all that He wants us to be .. so yes sweet friends .. it’s a new day .. to get up .. to get out .. and yes! .. to get our encouragement on .. for someone out there needs us .. and yes .. we need them .. haha .. and yes yes yes .. as we take on this simple task .. we’ll simply find it’s “boomeranged” straight back into our very own heart .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases .. His mercies never come to an end .. they are new every morning .. great is your faithfulness”

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