I quote the phrase .. “Life is Change .. Growth is Optional” .. haha .. quite often .. I believe what it says .. for the truth is .. any kind of real change in our lives .. must start from the inside out .. and yes .. it’s our choice to allow that to happen .. that’s right .. for .. our whole direction and outworking of our destiny .. flows from the inside .. oh yes .. we can try to cover ourselves up .. with all kinds of fancy packaging .. you know .. with all those Christian behaviors .. we know we’re suppose to have .. haha .. and eventually .. we get so good at hiding .. that we actual believe our own sales pitch .. haha .. yes .. we’ve forgotten where .. the real change begins .. so .. we start peeling back those layers .. and friends .. I can personally and honestly say .. we have to get rid of those ugly layers that we’ve built to protect ourselves .. for the truth is .. we simply cannot .. act our way to our future .. nope .. bottom line .. unless we’re transformed into the image of Christ .. we simply .. have no future .. and .. the only way to grab hold of His purpose for our life .. is to become who we need to be on the inside .. and friends .. it’s only then .. we’ll be able to do what He has called us to do .. haha .. so .. yes .. we get lost at times .. and .. it’s okay .. for it’s true .. no matter how far we stray .. or .. how long we stay there .. He’s always waiting to help us .. work our way out .. to peel off those layers .. and simply .. become whole .. haha .. for friends .. He sees our heart .. and our heart .. is what He wants .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“My son .. give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways”

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