Friends .. everyone one of us has a core of good that can never be destroyed .. and yes .. we can trust that we’re all fighting some sort of battle that no one knows about .. haha .. except for God .. and yes .. while trusting in this truth .. we learn to stay mindful .. mindful to constantly send blessings to the people around us who are experiencing some sort of hurt or pain .. for yes sweet friends .. we do the best we know how to do with what we’ve been given .. for the truth is .. we all want the same three things .. we want to give love .. we want to receive love .. and yes .. we want to know that we matter .. so yes .. our job is to simply reach out and help those who are hurting .. and yes .. to simply be here for each other .. for yes .. we’re made in His image .. and yes .. we’re made to share His love .. and yes .. haha . oh yeah .. love wins period
“Beloved .. let us love one another .. for love is from God .. and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God .. anyone who does not love does not know God .. because God is love”

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