Today marks the 19th year Bob and I have been married .. haha .. we were friends for 13 years prior and never dreamed we’d end up married .. he was the bachelor at church that we (all the ladies) seemed to have the need to take care of .. and no .. no one he dated was good enough in our eyes .. so yes .. I find it ironic that we ended up marrying .. haha .. and yes .. to top it off .. our granddaughter Gracyn Ann was born on this day .. she turns 5 today .. wow .. it’s crazy how times flies by .. haha .. so yes .. as I reflect on this day of great love .. I have to go to the Creator of Love Himself .. and yes .. just what His love means for us .. no .. our love will never be perfect like His love .. however .. His love is the kind of love that we can .. and yes .. should strive to give each other every day .. and yes .. from personal experience I can tell you .. the only way to ever be able to do this .. haha .. is to allow Him to change us .. asking Him to remove the scales from our eyes so that we can see the truth .. for you see .. love is a choice .. it means to sacrifice our own wants .. needs .. desires .. and .. feelings .. for yes .. the wants .. needs .. desires .. and yes .. feelings for the ones we love .. the key in being able to do this is simple .. haha .. we have to learn to do these things without pity or anger .. for the truth is .. no one can make us love .. no .. we have to choose to do these things out of love .. for yes .. real love has no room for such nonsense .. think about it .. Christ died for us .. and yes .. we all know He could have taken Himself off that cross anytime He felt like it .. yet .. He didn’t .. for yes .. His sacrifice was made out of an unselfish love for each one of us .. He wasn’t angry because He thought He had to do it .. no .. He did it because He loves us even though He knew we would continue to fail Him .. and yes .. hurt Him .. yet friends .. none of that mattered to Him .. because yes .. He is Love Itself .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“We love because He first loved us”

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