I don’t know about you .. but me .. my thoughts can totally get out of control .. IF .. I let them .. you know what I mean .. something simple can happen .. a spoken word or a simple look .. maybe a memory of something not so good .. and then .. here we go .. those negative or worrisome thoughts take over .. haha .. and from there .. it’s all down hill .. we’ve made a mountain out of a mold hill .. and now .. we can’t seem to control the climb .. haha .. yes .. but friends .. it’s when we decide to take control of our thoughts and own them .. rather than .. allowing them to own us .. we find true freedom .. I know .. it’s hard .. they move like a hundred yard dash .. haha .. but .. it’s when we put our mind to it .. that we find .. it’s easier than we think .. for now .. we’ve moved the toxic .. right on into the light .. and now .. we see them clearly for what they are .. and yes .. some of these thoughts .. they gotta go .. haha … for the truth is .. when we allow the toxic to spend time in our lives .. we’re allowing the fruitless and the worthless to dwell .. where only God needs to dwell .. for .. it’s in our hearts and minds that He lives .. and friends .. we need to give Him all the room He wants .. and no .. He doesn’t want us to be drug down and put down .. by our own stinkin’ thinkin’ .. so .. bottom line .. we pay attention and we simply .. don’t allow the darkness in .. we keep a clean house .. and to do this .. we must develop a consistent habit in our thought control .. oh yes .. it’s a daily struggle .. and .. oh yes .. it requires sacrifice .. commitment .. inspiration .. and .. haha .. strength of will .. oh but .. sweet friends .. it’s when we stay mindful of His commands .. we’re able to recognize when our thoughts are about to get out of control .. for yes .. it really does boil down to knowing that good habits are formed daily .. and simply .. not giving up on them .. for when we do this .. in the end .. we’ll find ourselves standing taller .. and yes .. closer to the One we want to mirror .. it’s a process .. and .. it takes time and effort .. but friends .. we have the built in tools to overcome any darkness that comes against us .. for it’s true .. we’re all .. every single one of us .. made to live in the light .. that glorious light .. of His love .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Finally .. brothers and sisters .. whatever is true .. whatever is noble .. whatever is right .. whatever is pure .. whatever is lovely .. whatever is admirable .. if anything is excellent or praiseworthy .. think about such things”

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