Last night I went over to Donald‘s house to visit with Avery Kate while he went to dinner with Cortney and Gracyn Ann to celebrate KK’s Birthday .. KK ..being Katherine .. our sweet friend that has been taking care of our babies since they were born .. we love her big .. so .. as she and I got settled in on the couch .. I found myself just starring at her .. at every little feature .. the turn of her nose .. her sweet little fingers .. her cuddly little body .. haha .. all I can say is this .. she is simple perfection from head to toe .. and .. as I sat there .. I couldn’t help but think .. how blessed I am to be her grandmother .. me .. the grandmother to two of the most precious gifts I will ever receive from God .. haha .. along with my salvation .. for without that .. I know I can never be what I need to be .. for them or for Him .. so .. as I soaked it all up .. and .. the kids came back from dinner .. I was greeted with the exciting words .. MiMi! MiMi! .. from our precious Gracyn Ann coming in the door .. my heart swelled full .. and .. before I left .. I stopped to look at her the same way I did Avery an hour or so before .. then .. came on home .. bundled up from the cold and slept like a baby .. and dreamed .. yes .. I dreamed about my own grandma .. all night long .. haha .. as a matter of fact .. I just woke up a short time ago .. I didn’t want to wake up .. for my dream .. it was so vivid and so comforting .. the same way I always felt .. when I was with her .. no matter where I was in life .. from as far back as I can remember .. my grandma .. she was there for me .. she always greeted me with a .. “get on into this house I want to look at you” .. haha .. and .. that’s just what she did .. she’d look at me .. head to toe .. and say .. “you look good .. I like that” .. then of course .. either fed me .. or .. listened to me .. most of the time .. it was both .. she lived to be in her 90’s .. she got her calcium from a steamed oyster shell that would sit in a small pot of water on her stove .. she managed on meager funds .. and .. always seemed to be able to save .. haha .. she would take her leftover vegetables from “dinner” which to us is “lunch” and place them in a tupperware dish in the freezer .. so .. at the end of the month when her money was running low .. she could take out that pack of stew meat she bought on the first and add it all together .. for the best pot of soup ever .. we would take all our stale bread to her .. and wait for the call .. “bread pudding is ready .. come and get it” .. haha .. so many memories .. oh yes .. and friends .. she also .. would partake of a beer once in a while .. and always .. when my brother George would stop by .. she’d ask him if he wanted a beer .. if it was a yes .. she’d send him to the crisper under the lettuce .. where he’d find a six pack of Schlitz .. tucked away nice and neat .. haha .. at night she would close all the windows in the house .. turn her box fan in the living room window backwards .. and .. we would lay on the bed and read or play cards .. talking for hours .. as the summer breeze blew into the only open window in the house .. I loved her so much .. she was the one .. that truly always kept it “real” with me .. she never minced words .. she’d tell you like it was .. and friends .. she loved the Lord .. but never preached .. she really never talked about Him much .. but I always knew .. they were friends .. so .. looking back this morning .. and .. knowing what I do now .. I can appreciate her love more than ever .. I can draw on these memories with joy .. never with sadness .. for she was .. MY .. perfect grandma .. I thank God for her and the memories I hold so dear .. and pray .. I can be to my granddaughters .. all .. that she was to me .. a woman with a genuine heartfelt love for her grandaughter .. wow .. what a role model I have to follow .. for friends .. the bottom line .. she loved me like Jesus .. and that .. is the best love .. we can ever give .. and certainly .. ever receive .. yes friends .. we are blessed .. just knowing this truth .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children .. but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous”

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