Friends .. as we’re travelling along our journey .. we can only hope that when it’s all said and done .. that yes .. haha .. we’ve made a positive impact on those who’ve crossed our path .. and yes .. in my thinking .. haha .. one of the best ways we can do this is to take responsibility for ourselves .. while yes .. allowing others to do the same .. oh yes .. we care .. for we know this works .. however .. care-taking on the other hand .. simply does not .. so yes .. we get up each day with a positive attitude .. and yes .. with our mind set on Christ .. wholeheartedly trusting .. that yes .. He will teach us to learn .. to yes .. walk the line between the two .. for friends .. enablement is not real love nor a healthy state for any of us .. no matter which side we’re on .. haha .. it’s a new day .. come on now .. ┬álet’s rock it .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“When I was a child .. I spoke like a child .. I thought like a child .. I reasoned like a child .. when I became a man .. I gave up childish ways”


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