We’ve all experienced usefulness to God .. and then ..  before we know it .. found ourselves far away from Him .. it could have been that we were so overwhelmed by our service to Him .. rather than .. with Him .. oh yes .. the enemy is constantly finding subtle ways to turn our eyes away from God .. knowing that when we get caught up in our “own” service .. no matter how many people we may be helping .. eventually we will burn out or become ineffective .. simply because .. our work is revolving around ourselves .. for .. our service for God .. doesn’t consist of what we give or what we do .. it solely depends on .. who we are .. when we give Him total control .. He will give us ways to serve .. we will no longer need to drum up any areas to be of use to Him .. for .. He will give us a .. zestful and fruitful life .. purely as a gift .. simply because .. we give our life to Him .. and then  .. when He is using us .. we are careful to keep our eyes on Him .. for .. to begin to look anywhere else .. simply spells ..  total disaster .. oh yeah .. again ..  Love Wins Period.

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