Many of us carry the burden of self -importance .. and yes .. the need to justify every choice we make .. haha .. yes friends .. it’s a burden indeed .. one I carried for years .. however .. it’s when we learn to take ourselves more lightly we find it somewhat greases the wheels of life .. for the truth is .. we’re free to make mistakes as well as to try new things with the realization .. that yes .. we win some and we lose some .. and yes .. laughing at our mistakes allows us to see them not only as mistakes .. but yes .. as opportunities to learn and grow instead of disasters to deny and defend .. oh yes sweet friends .. life is a process of learning .. and yes .. God knows our heart and He knows that mistakes are part of the process .. and yes .. we must forgive ourselves just as He forgives us .. for we’re like a child who stumbles as we’re learning to walk .. constantly picking ourselves .. and yes .. walking again .. and yes .. the beauty is with every step we take .. He’s by our side rooting us on .. because yes .. that’s the kind of God we serve .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Have I not commanded you? .. be strong and courageous .. do not be frightened .. and do not be dismayed .. for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”


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