Friends .. God is smart .. haha .. He knows everything about us .. He knows what’s going to happen today .. haha .. and yes .. what’s going to happen in all the days to follow .. and from personal experience I can tell you .. if we let Him .. He’ll lead us straight through this life as He sees best .. for yes .. He cares about our every detail whether big or small .. and no .. He won’t let one thing slip through the cracks .. for He cares about us .. and yes .. He cares about everything that we care about .. we are His people .. and yes .. everything that He did for His people as recorded in His Word .. He can and will do for us today .. no .. He’s not going to do everything we need Him to do for us all at once .. haha .. for the truth is .. if we had to lay all our shortcomings on the table at one time .. it would be piled so high .. haha .. that we’d be totally overwhelmingly stuck dead in our tracks with the unablity to move forward .. so .. being the smart God that He is .. He oversees our growth in a way and at a pace that works best for each of us .. and no .. this doesn’t happen overnight .. for it’s a lifelong process that we don’t need to meddle with and His methods and timing are and will be .. always perfect .. haha .. bottom line .. He’s the Potter and we’re the clay .. and yes .. daily He is shaping us and molding us into just the person He intended us to be .. so yes! .. we shine our light for love .. for He is love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Yet you .. LORD .. are our Father .. we are the clay .. you are the potter .. we are all the work of your hand”

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