We all know bitter people .. they’re angry and they just can’t seem to let it go .. their bitterness crosses over into everything they do .. it literally .. in many ways .. totally immobilizes them .. they’re angry at the drop of a hat .. they can’t seem to control the rage going on down deep in their soul .. for .. somewhere at sometime in their life .. they’ve been hurt .. and .. they just can’t get past the pain .. to simply forgive .. haha .. we know these people .. for friends .. they’re us .. yes .. you and I .. oh .. we may not be at this place now .. today .. but .. if we’re honest and real with ourselves .. we’ll have to admit .. we’ve all been there .. haha .. yes friends .. bitterness harbors nothing good .. it eats at us and robs us of our joy .. haha .. we’ve heard this before .. but .. let’s think on it now .. ‘if we get bitten by a poisonous snake .. we can do one of two things .. one .. hunt the snake down to kill it .. while the venom is killing us .. haha .. or two .. tend to our wounds .. let the snake go .. and live’ .. haha .. oh my goodness .. friends .. we need to learn to let those snakes go .. and simply .. trust God .. for the truth is .. time .. it truly does heal all wounds .. we know this from our own personal experiences .. for yes .. we’ve all been hurt deeply by someone at sometime in our lives .. we’ve been lied to and taken advantage of .. and yes .. we’ve done the same to others .. but .. we also know .. in a hundred years .. none of this present world will matter .. the hurt feelings we experience today will go to our grave with us .. with no one left to carry our torch of bitterness .. haha .. friends .. what really matters .. is what we’re doing for Him today .. what we’re doing to reach out to one another in love .. for His Word tells us .. we are to be imitators of Christ .. we are to walk in love .. that’s the rule people .. haha .. bottom line .. yes .. people can be selfish and very cruel with their words .. and we .. as Believers .. are supposed to be tender hearted and kind .. unfortunately .. tender hearted people don’t mix well with cold hearted people .. but friends .. again .. none of this matters .. for we know in our heart .. the remedy to get past those hurt feelings .. we’ve seen it .. we’ve read it .. and now .. we’re living it .. yes .. haha .. the best remedy for hurt feelings .. is simply .. to shift the focus from ourselves to see the needs of others .. for friends .. it is then .. our hurt feelings are squashed .. they’re gone .. we can’t feel them anymore .. haha .. for now .. we’ve learned to let them go .. that’s right .. rather than being discouraged because of people .. we’ve overcome those sad thoughts by doing .. a little soul winning .. inside and out .. haha ..yes .. sweet friends .. it’s good for the goose ..and.. it’s good for the gander .. let’s do this .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“Make allowance for each other’s faults .. and forgive anyone who offends you .. remember .. the Lord forgave you .. so you must forgive others”

understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.” —Proverb 3:5-7

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