Friends .. I don’t know about you .. but me .. sometimes I look around and wonder .. haha .. what the heck is really going on .. but then I remind myself of the simple fact that we can’t fret our minds with life’s puzzles that we can’t solve .. for the truth is ..  many things we face in life .. the solution may not be revealed to us .. oh yes .. one day we’ll know .. but not today .. and no .. probably not tomorrow .. and when we do know .. it won’t matter a bit .. so yes .. here we go .. step by step walking our walk .. moving each day to a greater knowledge and understanding .. while yes .. staying continually content in trusting that whatever is or is not revealed to us .. is simply  .. a wonderfully glorious gift from God .. for yes .. He knows what He’s doing .. and yes .. we trust Him wholeheartedly .. bottom line ..  He is Love itself .. and yes .. without a doubt .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Your constant love is better than life itself .. and so I will praise You:


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