Yes friends .. as people .. we do a lot of things .. one being .. we judge each other .. wish I could say we didn’t do so .. but we do .. and yes .. haha .. when we judge others .. most of the time .. it’s simply because of our own selfish interests .. haha .. that’s right .. we sometimes become critical when comparing ourselves to those around us .. we look for fault in them .. haha .. to prove that we’re smarter .. better looking .. and .. certainly more content .. haha .. yes friends .. these are selfish reasons .. but the truth is .. we simply want to feel better about ourselves .. so .. we get critical when others fail to do what we ask .. or .. don’t do what we think they should do .. haha .. yes .. it could be a family member .. a friend .. or yes .. even a co-worker who fails to meet our expectations .. and friends .. haha .. our expectations .. almost always .. lead to a judgmental attitude .. think about it .. even our “own” frustrations can lead to a critical attitude .. for the truth is .. if life’s not turning out the way we desire .. we hide our own frustrations by finding fault with others .. bottom line .. we need to simply .. get a grip .. haha .. while simply remembering .. God is Love .. and yes .. we’re made in His image .. so .. what we need to do .. is love .. that’s right .. simply love each other .. in spite of and not because of .. giving our days to Him .. constantly seeking this simple mindset to share with others .. so they too .. can witness for themselves .. haha .. just what His Love can do .. with a simple mindful willing vessel .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy .. mercy triumphs over judgment”

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