Last night we headed over to Grayton Seafood Co located in Uptown Grayton for the “soft opening” of their new eatery .. Kenny .. the owner is and old friend from Pensacola and our family has been eating at his restaurant for .. well .. most of my life .. their food has always been wonderful and the service great .. so needless to say .. having them come over to Grayton was exciting news for me .. as we sat down at the table .. got the babies .. haha .. somewhat situated .. I was able to sit back and watch the faces around me .. Kenny .. he was shucking oysters with a pure look of joy on his face .. Joe was at the bar .. all the folks in the dining room and outside porch were in a constant chatter .. not only with those at their table .. but .. at the tables around them .. it was one big family celebration and we were right in the middle of it .. and .. when it came time to order .. there was absolutely no question what I was having .. oh yeah .. “fried mullet, cheese grits and coleslaw” .. a southern staple .. and friends .. it was sooo good .. cut without a bone .. seasoned and fried to perfection .. nothing better .. and .. the most awesome part about it .. when that plate was put in front of me .. I didn’t just see mullet on my plate .. no .. I saw my grandmother .. and .. I saw my mom .. I pictured us together .. sitting at the table .. eating that .. “southern staple” .. laughing and carrying on about something silly .. like we had done so many times earlier in life .. as I sat there .. my heart began to swell as the memories flooded my mind and heart .. haha .. it was pretty incredible .. for friends .. this is just one of the many reasons I love our God so much .. I mean really .. think about it .. He can take a simple piece of mullet .. and .. ta da .. wonderful memories abound .. and friends .. the beauty of this .. is when we take the time to truly see just what He does .. with the simple things of life .. that we are able to lay aside .. all those other .. “things” .. we fret and worry over .. for .. the truth is .. He has us covered .. one hundred percent .. and .. we can take that .. to the bank .. so get on out today .. grab yourself a plate and get your blessing on .. for with Him .. there’s an opportunity .. in every way we turn .. haha .. thank you Kenny.. and .. thank you Jill .. for you .. my sweet friends .. were the conduit to my blessing last night .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“I thank my God every time I remember you”

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